Main secrets to why free or open-source enterprise is important

Main secrets to why free or open-source enterprise is important

Irrespective of open source planning concept being a new aspect in the market, it has gained immense popularity in IT field. Many companies are now adopting free or open-source enterprise systems for business conveniences. Apart from the price, the enterprise resource planning benefits are numerous if not uncountable. Walk the talk with us we reveal this aspect to you.

Free to use and own

In most cases, source systems are free to both use and own. This is because there are no legal licensing issues bestowed upon these systems. Its low price as compared to other commercial software makes it easy for people to acquire at their convenience. The system is not confined to a lock-in, and also does not give restrictions to who should own it with respect to vendors. Therefore, anyone can own it.


Due to several developers working on the software, it gives options for automatic updates. This system has several core files, which open source system usually use for the update, and therefore as an end user, you will always be updated to the latest features of the system. If you’ve done a proper implementation of your customized open source system, you can easily make the core files untouched hence creating the update of the ERP a breeze.

Freedom is paramount

We all require freedom. The same thing happens when you move to the open source systems. In this case, you free yourself from the possible server vendor lock-in, which can easily cause affliction of the packaging property. There is nothing as good as being in the control of making your own decisions. This is what you get when you decide to choose the above system.

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