Can Oracle buy SAP

Can Oracle buy SAP


SAP, a giant German software company, is no longer as financially strong as it used to be. With the continuous rise of U.S. giant, Oracle, SAP needed to look at deals that can help them remain relevant in the land of technological giants.

Their attempt with HANA, an in-house database developed to process data in real time or near real time, was borne out of the reality that they needed to do something fast or be put out of business. In order to survive, SAP has veered from generating most of its revenue from Enterprise Resource Planning to non-erp like cloud computing and digital solutions.


Although, Oracle is a big arch-rival of SAP, SAP can still be considered a challenger in cloud computing. Their survival now depends on if companies adopt their platform that has application development and delivery functions that are limited in scope.

The management of SAP has hinged its survival on HANA. If HANA fails to get companies to adopt its platform, there is a high possibility that SAP will be the loser and may be bought over by Oracle.

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