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Main secrets to why free or open-source enterprise is important

Irrespective of open source planning concept being a new aspect in the market, it has gained immense popularity in IT field. Many companies are now adopting free or open-source enterprise systems for business conveniences. Apart from the price, the enterprise resource planning benefits are numerous if not uncountable. Walk the talk with us we reveal […]

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Can Oracle buy SAP

SURVIVAL SAP, a giant German software company, is no longer as financially strong as it used to be. With the continuous rise of U.S. giant, Oracle, SAP needed to look at deals that can help them remain relevant in the land of technological giants. Their attempt with HANA, an in-house database developed to process data […]

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About Us

For manufacturing companies to be successful, they usually integrate their methods of operation as well as financial planning to meet their manufacturing goal. This, in professional terms, is called the manufacturing resource planning, and it is also related to the enterprise resource planning in style. Read on to understand how. Due to the technicalities of […]

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